Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scott Kelby's 3rd Annual World Wide Photo Walk

Saturday was the most amazing day in my life! (other than my wedding) 
I had so much fun meeting all these people and taking pictures!
We went around Manhattan and took pictures of anything and everything.
I'll go ahead and post pictures and comment on them! :]

While waiting for everyone, this man (Tom Leopold of High-Class Photography) 
came to sit with me. We talked about all sorts of things! 

Weenie Races!!! These two adorable dogs are resting up for the 
Annual Dog Days of Summer Wiener dog Races.

I got to meet the amazing and talented Lisa Mulvaney! (Lisa Marie Photography)
She allowed me to practice using a model :] 

I had no idea Manhattan was so pretty! 
Walking around town has given me so many beautiful places to do shoots! 

If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is the rear view of the Court House.
Its one of my favorites of this whole shoot.

I took this laying on the ground! :]

I loved the Farmer's Market :]
There were so many eclectic people and eclectic things here! 

These two were playing music for everyone :]
There were two more, one on a cello and lady on a guitar. :]

AAH! Beautiful car!!! 

The lady selling these had some beautiful paintings and lots and lots of nick knacks :]

Here's a random door :]

One of the very talented photographers that came to the walk.
This is Tammy Webster (TLynn Photography)

Lest we forget.
A memorial outside the court house honoring those who served in the Armed Forces. 

 One of the girls that observed the magic! 
She was a beautiful model when needed :]

I cannot wait to get back out there to take more pictures!
I hope you enjoyed my blog! 
More to come later!