Sunday, November 7, 2010

Senior Session (APW)

I am a part of an amazing group of photographers in the Manhattan, KS area. 
We get together every so often and do a sort of Shoot Out. 
With Aspiring Photographers Workshops, one photographer is usually the 'leader' of the shoot. 
They go around and show us different techniques and secrets of the camera to make our shots the best they can be. 
With this last shoot, the lovely Morgan Riederer was our model.
Chris Hsieh showed us many different settings to use to make the best picture you can.
Here are a few of my favorites. Please Enjoy! 
The 'close up'

 Shallow Depth of Field
 The wide shot

 Another Close up

 Three quarters body shot

 Look "SUPER Down!"

And here are a few Behind the Scenes shots! 
the entire crew doing their thing! 

Chris Hsieh and Elizabeth DeBusk workin it!
And Chris again! He's a great man to work with! 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek! I had a blast with this shoot!
Morgan was an amazing model! I can't wait to shoot her again!