Sunday, July 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Awesomeness

A good friend of mine, Chris Hsieh, La Brisa Photography, has challenged our small photography group to a year long challenge called 52 Weeks of Awesomeness. The weeks "assignments" go as follows:

  • Week 1               Free for All
    Week 2               Introduce yourself
    Week 3               Show us your home
    Week 4               Your Name
    Week 5               Sports (anything related, teams, players, equipment, etc,)
    Week 6               Guilty Pleasures
    Week 7               ONE object shot at 5 different angels/distances
    Week 8               One for the road (signs, streets, traffic, etc.)
    Week 9               Objects that tell something about you
    Week 10             Things that make your life easier
    Week 11             Your favorite color
    Week 12             Household item
    Week 13             Foods
    Week 14             Flashed (an image created using artificial light)
    Week 15             Sun (sunlight, sunset, sunrise, etc)
    Week 16             Emotion
    Week 17             Lines
    Week 18             What you do outside the world of photography
    Week 19             Weather
    Week 20             Emotional attachment (heirloom/special gift, etc.)
    Week 21             Pets
    Week 22             Things you couldn't live without
    Week 23             Habits
    Week 24             Fire (candle, fireplace, etc.)
    Week 25             Scrapbooking (stash, room, lo's, etc)
    Week 26             Textures
    Week 27             Hands
    Week 28             Shoes
    Week 29             Jewelry
    Week 30             OOF (Out of Focus)…purposely OOF
    Week 31             What I consider dessert
    Week 32             Fill the Frame (close ups)
    Week 33             A week in our lives
    Week 34             Faith (what you believe)
    Week 35             Dance (body in motion)
    Week 36             Family & Friends
    Week 37             SOOC (straight out of the camera)…before & after
    Week 38             Patriotic
    Week 39             Object: straight up shots and then straight down shots
    Week 40             Something at night
    Week 41             Something that gives you the feeling of warmth
    Week 42             Smell
    Week 43             Water
    Week 44             Animals
    Week 45             Music
    Week 46             Reflections/Shadows
    Week 47             Flowers
    Week 48             Sleep
    Week 49             Action Shots
    Week 50             Circles
    Week 51             Your car
    Week 52             Self portrait

    I will post ONE picture for each week's assignments and writing a little about what it means to me. Please follow along and give me encouragement to actually finish this project! :]